Ghana is a hidden gem of Africa, a destination that amazes and enchants with its natural beauty, cultural richness, fascinating history, and exceptional hospitality. Aide du Ciel is a non-governmental organization that has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of children in need in Ghana since its inception.

Founded by a group of dedicated people with a mission to spread love, compassion, and solidarity, this association firmly believes in the value of education as an instrument of social transformation.

Aide du Ciel carries out educational projects in the Elmina region, where access to education is limited. The association provides school supplies and supports local teachers to ensure that children have the opportunity to learn and thrive. Thanks to this initiative, many lives are touched, opening the way to a better future.Thus, from May 26 to June 5, 2023, the association made a trip to Ghana to provide quality education by equipping 5 schools with computers and training teachers on LibreOffice office tools and Scratch programming. This action was carried out in partnership with the Action Numérique Solidaire association (distributors of refurbished IT equipment), which provided us with the necessary equipment for the installation of computer rooms. 
In Tema, the members of the association who were able to travel organized the trip to Elmina: subscribing to local mobile phone lines for internet access, purchasing equipment for sports and arts activities, planning school visits, etc. Once in Elmina, the team checked, tested, and prepared all the computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice that had been shipped a few months earlier.
On Monday, May 29, 2023, we visited the public school "Bronyibimba". We were welcomed by traditional dances and songs performed by students. The local press captured our meeting with the representative of the district education department, the principal, and the teaching staff. Once the formalities were completed, we installed the computers in a specially equipped room and gave a training on LibreOffice (Writer & Impress) software to the teachers.
On Tuesday, May 30, we visited the private school "Future Stars School". Before installing the computers and training the teachers, we attended a traditional performance by young schoolchildren under the amazed gaze of their parents. To top it all off, we received gifts and traditional attire.

On Wednesday, May 31, we visited the private school "Abundant Grace School". Despite a computer room with waterproofing and electrical code problems, we were motivated by the boldness and resourcefulness of the students and teachers. So much so that, after being encouraged to take ownership of the computers, a young student was able to write her first text on LibreOffice Writer sharing her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

On Thursday, June 1, we visited the public school "Christ cares international school" and the private school "Morning Dew Academy" and provided the same installation and training procedures. Representatives of Aide du Ciel and its partner Action Numérique Solidarité were interviewed by the local radio station "102.1 property" to promote our projects in the Elmina region and Ghana.