In 2017, President Nana Akufo-Addo makes education free for all adolescents allowing each child to have the same opportunities for education and to participate in development of the country.

The speech that was held in December 2017 in front of President Macron continued in this axis. "Excellent education for girls is essential if we are to eradicate poverty, ignorance, disease of our country and put it on the path to prosperity ", he added.

Keeping all these children in its few square meters is the daily life of Benjamin Bekoe teacher and owner of this small school housed in a makeshift church.

This young teacher thinks big for all these young people for whom he is responsible. He shared his vision with us. He hopes to be able to obtain the necessary supplies to allow each child to benefit from a quality education. So that everyone can evolve throughout of the year supplies are needed. Notebooks, pens, desks and chairs could be found in any school in the West. Many obstacles joins this dream. Geographic distance, catering costs, uniforms and fees Annex remain obstacles to the presence of all the children that Benjamin wishes to reach.

To participate in his dream, you too can contribute material or financial donations to that one day other children will have the chance to participate in the development of their country.