Ghana, a neighboring country between Togo and Côte d'Ivoire, is a country in constant growth economic for a few years.

It records a rate which will reach 8,8% in 2019 against 5,6% last year. Health was one of the subjects discussed at the 12th African Union Summit in Niamey on 4 July 2019. Indeed, despite the drop in general and infant mortality rates, access to care is still not accessible for financial and geographic reasons.

We met a young man named Kewsi. 12 years old, he partially lost seen during an accident on a mango tree. A branch crossed his eye. Failing to take fast charge he was unable to receive treatment. Kewsi left school because he was no longer there possible to follow the courses properly. Today, a medical exam can diagnose the probability of being cured or not and this examination requires a sum.

A quarter of Ghanaians is below the poverty line. Many families cannot still not providing for their care needs. The most needy people don't spend only a small part of their income on health care, most of their retribution is to feed.