One third of Ghana's children are out of school. The school is free, however, registration costs and meal costs are still too high for some families.

Without education, these children are condemned to be exploited for exhausting tasks: the girls carry out domestic work and the boys work with fishermen. Elmina, a town of 20,000 inhabitants known for its fishing port and its castle, is the sad illustration. This is where the story of Benjamin Bekoe begins. Before setting up his school, this young teacher works in the neighborhood. Faced with the financial difficulties of many families who are unable to send their children to school, he decides to react. The first step: convincing families Benjamin meets parents. He explains to them the need to provide education for their children. Some families survive thanks to their work. It then represents a real sacrifice to educate them. But by dint of relentlessness, Benjamin succeeds in persuading them.The second step: finding a place Benjamin talks to the pastors of the neighborhood church. He offers to help the community by using the church as a school for children. Faced with Benjamin's vision and motivation, the pastors agreed to rent the premises for a few days. By bringing together small resources and local knowledge, the school is born. 4 years later Futur stars school brings together 250 children.