In Sartrouville, in the Paris region, it is 7am. Martin's alarm clock rings to mark the start of the day. A passage to the bathroom, then he sits down with his younger brother to have breakfast. Our schoolboy is 7 years old, he is in CM1.

Taken by his mother on his way to school, Martin recites aloud his lessons he learned the day before. Her mother reminds him of the elements he may have forgotten to ensure a good mastery of his Classes. He arrived at school. They leave each other with a kiss on the forehead, wishing him to pass a wonderful day. His mother reminds him to be wise, exemplary and studious. Martin runs to join his class friends. The alarm rings. On another continent, in the town of Elmina, Ghana, it is 5 a.m. Kweku, 9 years old wakes up then heads to the bathroom to get ready. He also takes care of his two little sisters who follow him very closely. Breakfast is served. The eldest of their family prepared millet porridge with fried bean fritters. Their parent is already gone at work. It is in their uniform that the siblings take the road to school. One hour of walking will allow them to arrive safely on time. Kweku and her little sisters have could not do their homework the day before. A power outage in the neighborhood turned off all electricity for the house. For lack of means, their parent does not have the resources to fill this lack of light in the house. Arrived, he finds his comrades with anxiety about not having mastered all of the lessons from the night before. The day begins. The Futur Star School is a small local school. Sad was to note that yesterday many children found themselves in the same situation as Kweku and his siblings. 

This issue cannot be resolved at the school level. This is a local issue where the electrical connections are not all up to standard or are almost non-existent. The Ghana's electrification rate being 80%. However, there are still difficulties to maintain regularity in certain neighborhoods.
Our wish is to allow each family to be equipped with a lamp in the long term rechargeable Led solar to illuminate the darkened schooling of these children.

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